Monday, August 31, 2009

It's Back to School!

Monday, Aug. 24th was the first day of school for the boys. They were really excited! Christian is in 3rd grade now. His teacher is Mrs. Wood. She was my 2nd grade teacher, so I know that he is going to love her! JR is in 2nd grade, and his teacher is Mrs. Marx. She is awesome, too!

JR was sweet enough to pose at his classroom door for me. Christian, on the other hand was too excited. As soon as he saw his teacher's name on the door, he bolted right in and left me standing there without even a hug! Oh, well... I guess that's what happens when they start growing up:(

Summer: Going Out With a Bang!!!

The last weekend before school started we went camping with Jacque, Cory, and James. It was a lot of fun!

Saturday morning, we helped Jacque and Cory get their firewood for the winter. It was a lot of work, but we had fun doing it!
JR is completely fascinated with anything that has a sharp edge. He was so excited when he saw that Cory had brought him a small ax to use!

Then, Jacque and Cory took us all rafting down the Green River. It was a total blast! The rapids weren't really fast enough to get us really wet, so Pher just had to get water guns to take along. The boys loved them!
Some views from the river.

Pool Time!

We put the boys in 2 sessions of swimming lessons this summer. They passed level 2 with no problem at all! They were so excited to move on to level 3 because they got to spend almost all their time in the deeper end of the pool. They had a blast! They even talked their teacher into letting them jump off the diving board on their last day of lessons! They are such great little swimmers!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mommy, Look At Me! Look At Me!

Brendan has become quite the little monkey lately! He climbs on everything!!! This moment was just too hard to pass up. I just had to take pictures. He is too funny!

Doesn't he look innocent? Don't let him fool you!!!

JR's New Look

For a couple of weeks, JR had been noticing that he wasn't seeing things as clearly as he used to. So, we took him in for his yearly eye exam. And sure enough, he needed glasses. I thought it was funny that he actually wanted them! He picked these out himself. (After trying on every pair in the store!) He absolutely loves them! We think he looks pretty darn cute!

The Uintah Basin Car Show

Last month we took the kids to the car show at the Constitution Park. The kids had a blast!

This is my Grandpas' Ford Model A truck that he has restored. We were hoping that my grandparents would be there, but they had gone home for a little break and we just missed them.

Brendan was too interested in the cars to look at the camera!