Monday, July 13, 2009

4th of July Fun!

The kids had fun playing in the water on the 4th.(Until the thunderstorms came!) Then later that evening we had a little BBQ and lit off fireworks with some family and a few of our neighbors. It was a lot of fun!

Little Sammy lit up the night with her glow in the dark outfit her aunts helped her put together!

Christian lighting sparklers.

JR being pulling poses. (I don't think I have a single picture with him just smiling!)

Brendan enjoying the fireworks and his icecream sandwich!

Cub Scout Day Camp

Last month I got to spend the day with Christian at his Cub Scout Day Camp. The theme was "Cubs in Space." It was a lot of fun!

Christian didn't want to miss out on the chance to shoot a bow and arrow. He actually did better than I thought he would with his cast.

Making icecream. was yummy!

Learning the ropes of knot tying!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Sammy and Brendan

My Sister-in-law Tonya offered to take Sammy's 4 year and Brendan's 1 year pictures for us. She is so talented! They turned out absolutely adorable!

I love, love, love this one!!!

Brendan loves his little car. I'm glad Tonya thought of using it!

Our Newest Addition... Our Puppy Chloe!

We finally talked ourselves into getting the kids a puppy. We decided on getting a Golden Retriever because of their mild disposition. Chloe is such a great puppy! Besides digging holes in the backyard when she's bored, she has been awesome! The kids absolutely adore her!

Memorial Day Weekend

For Memorial Day Weekend we decided to head to the city and do some swimming. It's a good thing we chose a hotel with an indoor pool because it was a very rainy weekend! The kids had a lot of fun!

JR doing what he does best...being a little daredevil!

Sammy is a little afraid of getting too far into the water. She just hung out by the stairs and clung to the railing.

You gotta love the boogers! He had two teeth coming in that weekend and his nose just wouldn't stop running!

Poor Christian couldn't do a lot of swimming, but he was a good sport about it!